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Testi 01
My original weight was 65.9 kg. For a person who was almost 50 years old, losing weight was not something easy to achieve. The most uncomfortable part of my body was my big hips and flabby abdomen. I had tried exercise in the morning, but no results. After taking slimming treatments at SlimCare for 4 months, now my weight is 61 kg. I am very happy because my hips are smaller and my abdomen is flat, no more skin fold due to accumulation of fat. The size of my hip is reduced by 7cm. I can wear my old shirt and pants that I could not wear before. I am even more delighted that my acute insomnia is gone. This is what I want. Thanks SlimCare!
– Lustiana (customer of Jl. Cikajang)
Testi 01
Since my second child was born, my weight steadily increased from 56 kg to 74.5 kg. Now my child is 8 years old, and my weight has not dropped. I was frustrated; I tried to take well-known slimming pills and slimming tea, but no results. I had tried exercising with no results, only fatigue. When I attended a wedding expo at JCC, I found SlimCare. I signed up for 1-year treatment package. However, it turned out that only with 25 visits, I had lost 8 kg. The things I noticed the most were my big abdomen and hips, which made me less confident. Now I am thrilled because some parts of my body became smaller, especially arms, abdomen, and thighs. I used to wear size XXL, and now I wear size L. SlimCare really delivers evidence, and not just promise. I noticed real results, not just imaginations. I am very pleased and grateful to SlimCare who has restored my self-confidence. If you want to lose weight, come to SlimCare and see for yourself. Please come to meet me at SlimCare, because I am still doing treatments to achieve my ideal weight.
– Yuliana (customer of Jl.Muara Karang)
Testi 01
Since I reached the age of 50 years, I noticed my body was getting fatter, while my food consumption per day was not much. I was puzzled and stressed out. I'd tried exercising, joined other slimming center, did an injection, but no success. In turn, my body was getting weak and sickly. When my friend invited me to SlimCare, I had doubts and frustrations from my other slimming center experience. But I decided to give it a try, since I noticed my friend had been seeing results at SlimCare. It turned out that within 5 month of slimming treatments, I had lost 11 kg from 71 kg to 60 kg. I am thrilled because my XXL size now becomes size M. And I felt healthier and refresh. Until now I am doing treatments to maintain my health. Thanks SlimCare! If you are over-weighed, come to SlimCare, not a promise but a real stuff!
– Eka (customer of Jl. Muara Karang)
Testi 01
After giving birth to my second child, my weight increased steadily from 59 kg to 72 kg. I tried doing exercise and fitness, taking slimming pills, but there was no result. Instead, my body was easily exhausted, and my feet were tingling and cramping. These made me more stressed out. Then my friend introduced me to SlimCare. I signed up for slimming treatments at SlimCare. In the first 5 months of treatments, my weight had dropped from 68 kg to 56 kg. The size of my clothes was reduced from XL to M. Now I am happy because I can fit into my old clothes. I notice the cramping on my leg disappeared, and I am less fatigue. I am a healthier person now. Thank you SlimCare! SlimCare delivers the evidence, and not just a promise. Come and check out SlimCare!
– Sucianty (customer of Jl. Muara Karang)