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Testi 01
Before joining slimming program at SlimCare, my weight was 75 kg. This made me less confident, less energetic, and less fashionable in my style. I had tried dieting and exercising in many ways, even drinking slimming tea, but the results were not satisfying. After attending slimming program at SlimCare, my weight dropped to 58 kg, as I gradually lost 17 kg over 6 months. I achieved this weight loss without injections or drug consumptions. I simply did this by adjusting my diet and following 100% natural treatment at SlimCare. Not only my body became slim, but it also had body contour. I also felt healthier. A tingling sensation on my left hand disappeared due to an improved blood circulation; my skin became smoother; and the calloused skin on my feet also disappeared. SlimCare really makes a difference in my life. I am more confident, energetic, and healthy. Now I can appear sexy and fashionable. With SlimCare nothing is impossible as long as we are determined and willing to try. Thank you SlimCare!
– Jenny (Customer SlimCare Muara Karang)
Testi 01
Before I knew SlimCare, I felt insecure about my appearance with my height 152 cm, and weight 78.5 kg. It was very hard to find clothes that fitted me. Since I participated at SlimCare, my dreams came true. Before, I thought my body could not slim down. However, my calves and arms actually became smaller, and my weight dropped to 50 kg over 6 months period. In addition, I still can eat food that I like. Now I can wear my old clothes that couldn’t be worn before. Not only my body became slim, but my itchy skin-- due to insect bites, now becomes smooth and clear, without a trace of bug bites. Thanks SlimCare, for making things that might not be possible for me.
– Yuyun (Customer SlimCare Muara Karang)
Testi 01
When I first came to SlimCare, my weight was 53.5 kg and height was 157 cm. I had a visible abdomen bulge, and cellulite in thighs and arms. I lacked of self confidence. I couldn’t wear shorts, because it showed too much uneven skin appearance due to cellulite. I had joined fitness program, and signed up with a personal trainer, but still no results. Furthermore, I had pain on my body during workout sessions. After participating in the slimming program at SlimCare for a month, I lost 5 kg. Now I am 48.3 kg, and I am very happy to come to SlimCare, because I do not have to do much. No pain or fatigue. All treatments were carried out when I was laying down on the bed, and the results were remarkable. I lost weight and I had a body contour. Most important, I lost the cellulite around my thighs and abdomen areas. My arms became smaller and as an additional bonus, my skin became more refined. Because of SlimCare, I have self confidence and able to wear mini dress, shorts and tank top again. Thank you SlimCare!
– Najia ES (Customer SlimCare Cikajang)
Testi 01
Since I reached above 50 years old, I often put on weight, almost every month. My body expanded until my weight reached 74 kg. I had done a one-week strict diet, but no results. Frustrated and stressed-out, I became moody and emotional. I tried doing exercise and fitness, also to no avail. Then my friend introduced me to SlimCare. With a safe and short-period of treatment, without side effects, I successfully dropped my weight to 56 kg in 6 months. Over these 6 months I gradually lost 18 kg. The first month I lost 4 kg, the second month I dropped 5 kg, the third month I lost 5 kg, the fourth month down 2 kg, and the sixth month down 2 kg. I was excited I dropped a lot of weight, and I had reached my ideal weight. I was fit and my health was better than when I was over-weighed. SlimCare really can provide slimming program tailored to my needs. Slimming treatments at SlimCare are proven and clinically tested. Not only I lost weight, but my dream of having an ideal body shape came true. Thanks, SlimCare!
– Tan Li Hui (Customer SlimCare Muara Karang)
Testi 01
I was stressed-out with my over-weighed situation. I weighed 62.2 kg and had a sleeping problem at night (insomnia), arms were getting bigger and cracked skin on my feet. I had participated in exercising, but no visible results, only fatigue and my arms remained big. Since my friend introduced me to slimming treatments at SlimCare, I tried it for 2 months with only 9 visits. The results were real, and I dropped 7 kg to 56 kg. The visible results that I noticed were my arms and thighs became smaller. Now, I'm happy to be able to wear pants that I couldn’t wear before. What made me happiest was my insomnia disappeared. Before treatments at SlimCare, I used to sleep at 12 midnight, and after treatments, I've been able to sleep by 9 pm. In addition, the cracked skin on my feet became smooth. Now I diligently come to SlimCare and many of my friends also follow me to SlimCare. Thanks SlimCare! Because of SlimCare, I can sleep soundly and I lost weight and my arms and thighs are smaller.
– Heni (Customer SlimCare Cikajang)