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Face Treatments

In addition to our slimming services, we offer skin treatments to focus on every part of your face. We understand the secret to beautiful skin... effective facial treatments and products. Using a combination of cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, hydration, and massage, our professional facial treatments will leave your skin looking refreshed, hydrated, and visibly renewed. Our skin treatments need to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Many of our facials even include the treatment of your hands and feet, moisturizing and gently massaging them while you relax. Come and check us out!

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) is a special treatment performed with a topical photosensitizing agent activated with a correct wavelength of light. These treatments remove sun damage skin, fine lines, and blotchy pigmentation because of the positive effect of the photosensitizing agent and the light treatment. This treatment also has the unique ability to minimize pores and reduce oil glands, effectively treating stubborn acne and improve the appearance of some acne scars.

IPL (Photo Rejuvenation)

This treatment uses intense pulsed light technology, a breakthrough in age-defying skin care. This technique treats skin damage non-invasively as there is no disruption of the skin's epidermal surface. The pulsed light targets reddened, spotted or sun damaged skin while protecting and renewing vibrant, healthy cells. The benefits of IPL are realized most visibly by the improved appearance of the skin’s balance and tone.


Our microdermabrasion treatment for face is a safe and painless alternative to laser resurfacing and chemical peels, and requires no recovery time. It rejuvenates the skin, removes dead skin cells and impurities, and reduces fine lines. This equipment combines gentle abrasion with suction, which collects removed particles. It removes sun damaged and dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and revitalized.

Bio-Whitening Facial

Age spots? Sun spots? Pigmentation? If you have any of these, this facial is the answer! At SlimCare, we understand that you need effective treatments to solve your skin problems. With this goal in mind, we strive to provide you with the most efficient and natural skin whitening ingredients. Our Bio-Whitening Facial is a series of treatments that includes a cleanser, AHA exfoliator, and pigment-reduction enzyme to brighten your skin tone.

Detoxifying Facial

Designed to boost your circulation and rejuvenate cells, the Detoxifying Facial helps you to eliminate impurities and prepares your skin for a glowing complexion. Our aestheticians use high quality ingredients that are designed to clear up troublesome breakouts, remove congestion, and blackheads. This facial deeply purifies and naturally exfoliates to remove dead skin and reveal a healthier, younger looking complexion.

Luminous Gold Facial

Our Luminous Gold Facial is a breakthrough in skin treatments. This facial treatment helps to rejuvenate the skin by allowing better absorption of nutrient-rich ingredients into your skin, thus accelerating cells growth. Using gold element has many skincare benefits, such as fighting off damaging free radicals to help prevent premature aging of the skin, slowing down collagen depletion, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the appearance of sun-damaged spots, repairing skin cells at basal layers, and providing an excellent antioxidant which is high in minerals.

Phytogen Facial

The Phytogen Facial is a unique skin restoration system that uses nature’s own ingredients to remove excess outer layers of skin and energize the new skin layer underneath. Oxygenation and deep hydration is achieved by this unique layering system. Experience deep relaxation and luxury as needed vitamins are delivered. Skin looks radiant and feels revitalized. Best of all, this facial treatment can be customized for different skin needs.

Super Collagen Facial

Since collagen is naturally produced by our skin, our Super Collagen Facial helps stimulate its production. This facial is designed to leave the skin looking plumper and revitalized. It is an excellent treatment for staying ahead of aging by boosting collagen level and improving the skin’s texture. It also helps with anti-aging efforts because dead skin cells are sloughed away. We recommend this facial to maintain a youthful appearance.

Triple Action Facial

The triple action approach embodies a three ingredient delivery medium to ensure sufficient care of each surface and lower dermal level. Through the application of a serum and powder mask, deep penetrating care of the lower dermis levels, surface hydration, rejuvenation and repair is achieved.