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No Drugs Natural Diet Quick Tips

It’s no doubt that every women even every men wanna an ideal slim and healthy body. Perform with a slim and healthy body and also keep a healthy diet with a healthy way to prevent any disease. For most women,an ideal slim body was an important instrumental in social life. But not all of them know how the healthy natural diet is. There are still many of them use slimming drugs that contains dangerous chemicals. Let’s see how a natural and safety diet exactly is:

  1. Consuming brown rice

Brown rice contains complex carbohydrates that take time to be digested by body and can make the stomach feel full longer. With the length of the digestive process, body will use more energy in order to reduce more calories.

  1. Consume more fruits and vegetables

Consuming fruits and vegetables is a good activity for slimming and also to meet the needs of fiber. In addition, fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and nutrients that necessary to the body.

  1. Reduce the portion of meal

By reducing the meal’s portion may help you lose weight. It doesn’t mean that we have to reduce it half from usual portion, but it is okay if we can reduce it little by little.

  1. Breakfast Discipline

Diet does not mean reducing the frequency of eating, but that must be considered is the amount of calories of the food that we eat.

  1. Sport Exercise

Exercise is 50% of the success determinant of the safe and natural diet. Morning and afternoon run is one of the recommended sport.

That’s it, quick tips that may be useful for all of us and in order to look slim and healthy -- to keep us protected from various diseases. Good luck!!!

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