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Diet Tips through Meal Control

  1. Avoid calories beverages and drink plenty of water!

Sometimes we can feel very eager to eat meal or snack, but we have to consider whether the food is needed at that time or not? Sometimes we feel like want to eat, while actually we just want to drink, so try drinking water first before start eating a meal. It could be because we just feel thirsty and want to quench your thirst.

  1. Avoid snacks at night!

It is the most difficult to do, as our habits will surely provide snacks when relaxing at night, watching TV, etc. Avoid this, commit to not eat high calorie snacks or high fat food, so that our dietary program not bothered.

  1. Eat little but satisfied and healthy!

To support our dietary program, it is better to choose our favorite foods but reducing the meal portions. Sometimes by eating our favorite foods, we can feel more satisfied.

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